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cloud solutions

Cloud Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

  1. Cloud Migration: Transition seamlessly to the cloud with our expert migration services. Whether you're moving from on-premises infrastructure or another cloud platform, our team will ensure a smooth and efficient transition, minimizing disruption to your business operations.

  2. Cloud Infrastructure Management: Leverage the power of cloud computing without the hassle of managing complex infrastructure. Our cloud infrastructure management services include provisioning, monitoring, and optimization to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

  3. Cloud Security: Protect your data and applications with our robust cloud security solutions. From identity and access management to data encryption and threat detection, we employ industry-leading security measures to keep your cloud environment secure.

  4. Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery: Safeguard your critical data with our cloud backup and disaster recovery services. With automated backups, redundant storage, and rapid recovery options, you can rest assured knowing your data is protected against unexpected disasters.

  5. Cloud Application Development: Build, deploy, and scale applications with ease on our cloud platform. Our experienced developers can help you leverage cloud-native technologies to develop innovative and scalable applications that drive business growth.

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ITS Cloud Solutions

When clients come to us for guidance on moving their servers and services into the Cloud, ITS will start the discovery phase by learning about the customer’s current IT environment.  All planning and preparation during this phase is documented and used to create a detailed project plan and timeline to be jointly agreed upon prior to moving forward.

 ITS will then create a strategic plan with specific work breakdown structure tasks. This strategy will identify the technical resources needed to successfully transition to the cloud.

The journey hits full speed as ITS starts to implement the strategic cloud migration tasks.  During this phase we will address data migration, application integrations, and start to plan for user support and training. Temporary environments are created in parallel with the production systems so testers can validate that the cloud environment is setup and functions as designed.  This reduces the risk of downtime and lost production during the implementation phase.

 Once we have fully migrated the client’s servers and services to the cloud, we provide customer training and insights for connecting to and accessing the new cloud systems.  We typically provide support based on departments and follow the technology roadmap for success.

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